5 Tips for Packing Waste Free Lunches

Eco Lunch Box Tips & Tricks for Earth Day!

What’s for lunch? You hope it’s not plastic, lead, vinyl fumes or anything else that’s leaching toxins to people and our planet. As for the delicious, nutritious lunches you pack, they should fill up your tummy – not the garbage can.

Yet so often these days we can’t be sure our lunchboxes are non-toxic and waste-free.

 Everyday a mountain of trash is thrown away at lunchtime, creating environmental problems, health hazards and wasting hundreds of dollars for every family packing a lunch.

School trash cans nationwide are overflowing! Plastic water bottles. Granola bar plastic packaging. Plastic chip baggies. Plasticized cardboard juice boxes. Cheese stick plastic wrappers. Paper napkins. Plastic yogurt cups. Brown bags. Plastic utensils. Plastic Ziploc baggies.

The results of an eco lunchbox waste study show that an average family using throw-aways and pre-packaged foods for lunch spend much more each year than a family that buys food in bulk and packs lunches in reusable lunchware.

“Families are spending hundreds of dollars on throw-away lunchware and food packaging annually and adding to our landfills tremendously in the process,” said ECOlunchbox Founder Sandra Ann Harris. “But it’s so easy to switch to reusable lunchware. Why not do it?”

ECOlunchbox Facts about Trash
Top 5 Tips for packing waste free lunches:

  1. pack sandwiches, and other main dishes, fresh fruits and, fresh vegetables, and treats in reusable non-plastic containers
  2. use machine washable cloth napkins
  3. use stainless-steel forks and spoons
  4. choose reusable non-toxic drink containers
  5. provide a reusable, dishwasher safe non-toxic BPA free lunchbox

Common Mistakes

  1. Reusing throwaways like single-use plastic baggies. Baggies are hard to clean and thoroughly dry, so bacteria can proliferate.
  2. Relying on plastic packaging and containers.
  3. Choosing lunchware that’s not dishwasher safe & machine wash/tumble dry. It must be easy to keep your lunchware clean so you can keep using it safely for a long time.

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